born in Bovenau / Schleswig-Holstein


Death of his mother, his father married again


Theodor-Storm-Realschule, Carpenter's apprenticeship, Technical Drawer in Hanerau-Hademarschen - Technical Gymnasium in Rendsburg


First trip to Paris - fascinated by Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" in the Louvre


Community service in the warning office in Nindorf and in Schleswig


Studied architecture at the Kiel University of Applied Sciences in Eckernförde - Graduation - Dipl.-Ing. arch.


Studies at the Hochschule der Künste Berlin: Architecture, Visual arts and Art history with Helmut Fritz (painter), Rainer W. Ernst and Dietrich Weigert (architects), Curt Grützmacher (literature and art history), Robert Kudielka (art historian), Herbert Lachmayer ( Philosopher) and with the artist-architects Jasper Halfmann and Clod Zillich - Genesis of drawings influenced by Surrealism - Development of "Architectural Fantasies" - Encounter with the painter Heinz Trökes in his exhibition at the Akademie der Künste in Berlin (1979) - Turns towards painting

Travels in Europe, Israel, Iran (first sketchbooks)


Apart from Berlin, an additional studio on the North Sea peninsula Eiderstedt in Garding


Studio in Brooklyn, New York


The first sea- and landscape pictures are created on Eiderstedt


Member of the Berlin Chamber of Architects as a "Freelance Architect" -
Open urban development ideas competition "Freiraum Wielandstraße" with Günther Hasenberg (not realised), purchased by the Berlin Senate Department for Urban Development and Environmental Protection (1984)

In 1984, together with the painter and sculptor Ulrich-Oliver Selka, he tried to realize one of Hermann Finsterlin's architectural visions (Project ''Finsterlin Architektur 1917'' for the Landesgartenschau (State Garden Show) in Sindelfingen). In this context, he met Sergius Ruegenberg, who was in correspondence with Finsterlin in 1963 and emphasized the importance of the Rocaille in architecture.

Acquisition of the model "Architektur 1917" after Finsterlin by the cultural office of the city of Sindelfingen (1985)


Book publication "Luft und Wasser" with Sarah Kirsch at Steidl Verlag, Göttingen - First bronze cast of an Architectural Sculpture in the Hermann Noack foundry, Berlin - Drawings for Paul Scheerbart's "Glasarchitektur" (Glass Architecture) - Heinz Spielmann acquires the oil painting "Farbraum magenta violet" (Magenta Violet Color Space) (WV 9-86) for the Schleswig-Holsteinische Landesmuseen, Schloss Gottorf, Schleswig - First picture purchase by the Berlin Senate (contract for work)

1988 + 1991

Nomination for the Villa Massimo Scholarship in Rome, Architecture Section (proposed by Berlin)


Stay on Amrum with a studio in Wittdün


"Artist in Residence" at the Centro Cultural São Lourenço, with a studio in Goldra, Algarve, Portugal

Travel to Iceland via the Faroe Islands: "Färöer" (Faroe Islands) Picture cycle 15 watercolors - 9 oil paintings


Picture cycle "Winterreise" (Winter Journey) - 24 pictures after the eponymous song cycle by Franz Schubert


Construction of a walkable, uncompleted and temporary Architectural Sculpture "Der achte Tag" (The Eighth Day), Görlitz, Obermarkt
Represented by the Art-Galerie Enno Becker, Berlin, until 2004 (death of Enno Becker) - main studio in Berlin-Schöneberg (until 2001)
Travels: Amrum (works on paper), Schiermonnikoog, Freiburg (watercolors), Colmar (Isenheim Altarpiece)


Picture cycles "Sylt-Buhne", "Bogenschützen" (Archer) and "Tetenbüll Pastorat" - Religious motifs - Eight colored clay reliefs "Seligpreisungen" (Beatitudes) at the senior citizen's house next to the Christuskirche in Görlitz
Travels: Madeira (watercolors and a mural in an apartment in Canico de Baixo), Langeland, Møn (watercolors), Naples, Ischia, Procida, Pompeii, Rome (sketchbook), Algarve


"Vier Jahreszeiten" (Four Seasons) picture cycle for the Johanniter Hospital in Fläming, Treuenbrietzen (Four oil paintings each 415 x 160 cm)


Trip to the Baltic and Scandinavia, studio on the Lofoten (sketchbooks)


Travel around the world: Through Thailand to the hill tribes of the Akha and Lisu, on the Mekong through Laos, to the North and South Island of New Zealand, to the Cook Islands in the South Pacific and to Peru to the ruines of Machu Picchu. (Sketchbooks)


Additional studio on the North Sea peninsula Nordstrand in the Pynacker Hof, Trendermarschkoog - Series of sea pictures


One year stay in the South Pacific: Cook Islands, French Polynesia, Fiji, Vanuatu - South Pacific images - return to Berlin

Since 2002

Studio in Keitum / Sylt


Trip to Chile: Santiago, Patagonia (studio in Punta Arenas on Magellan Street), Tierra del Fuego (studio in Puerto Williams on the Beagle Channel) - Picture cycle "Landschaften am Ende der Welt" (Landscapes at the end of the world) - Antonio Skármeta writes a text for the pictures painted there


Book publication "Auf dem Weg ins Unbekannte" (On the way to the unknown) monograph with a catalog raisonné of the oil paintings 1978-2007


Three bronze casts of an Architectural Sculpture: "Raum (Die ganze Stadt" (Space (The Whole City)


Second trip to Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia: Cape Horn circumnavigation - Trip to Cambodia: Temple of Angkor Wat


Sojourn in Papua New Guinea: Participation in the international artist exchange project of the North Elbe Mission Center, Hamburg - In cooperation with the sculptor and painter Tomulopa Deko from Papua New Guinea, the painting "Die Schöpfung / The Creation" is created in Goroka. The two travel to the Sepik area and in Keitum / Sylt they make two sculptures "wedding chairs" - trip to Switzerland


Book publication "Papua New Guinea" - Picture series "Auf dem Weg zum Licht" (On the way into the light)


Second sojourn in Vanuatu (four large-format sea images are created in Port Vila) and in Papua New Guinea in the highlands, in the Sepik region and on Kiriwina, Trobriand Islands (sketchbooks) -
Train trip to Portugal via Paris, Bilbao, Seville


Trips to Rome and Istanbul - Start of the picture series "Das Haus am Watt" (The House on the Madflap) Kampen / Sylt

2014 - 2020

Studio in Berlin-Friedenau in the Goerz-Höfe


Publication of the catalog raisonné of drawings, oil paintings and sculptures on the subject of "Architectural Fantasies" as well as the sketchbooks "Das Haus am Watt. Kampener Skizzen" and "Das Haus am Watt" (Edition Schöne Bücher) by Verlag Kettler, Dortmund - Third Trip to Chile, Santiago, to the glaciers of the Darwin Cordillera and the second Cape Horn circumnavigation on board the "Polarwind" sailing yacht


Extension of the Berlin studio - participation in the online encyclopedia Wikipedia: New articles published on Curt Grützmacher, Traugott Giesen, Hans Jessel, Ilja Heinig, Lucia Figueroa and Helene Varges, later on Bruno Kirstein (2018), Elfriede Rotermund, Ulrich-Oliver Selka (2019) and Matthias Jarren (2020)


Workshop "Architectural Fantasies" at the University of Siegen. In the winter semester 2017/18, four architecture sculptures will be digitized by students in the architecture department under the direction of Professor Michael Lenhart and made three-dimensional experience in a virtual reality environment


The supplementary volume to the 2007 monograph "Ingo Kühl. In der Nähe des Meeres" (Near the sea) is published for the exhibition of the same name in the Nordfriesland Museum, Nissenhaus, Husum

The Freundeskreis Schloss Gottorf eV acquires the oil paintings "Felsenküste - Azoren" (Rocky Coast - Azores) 150 x 495 cm (3 parts) WV 47-01 as well as "Weiß vor Blau über Schwarz" (White before Blue over Black) 150 x 200 cm WV 14-96 and "Zwischen Himmel und Erde" (Between Heaven and Earth) 200 x 300 cm WV 43-08 for the Landesmuseum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte, Stiftung SH Landesmuseen, Schloss Gottorf (State Museum of Art and Cultural History, Foundation, Gottorf Castle), Schleswig


Trip to Vienna - Project "Tisch am Kliff" (Table on the Cliff): Two bronze reliefs each on the theme of 5000 years of Sylt history designed and assembled into a table plate by Walter vom Hove, Ingo Kühl, Hans Joachim Pohl, Edda Raspé and Hans Jürgen Westphal, set up on the Wadden Sea in the immediate vicinity near the Sylt Museum in Keitum / Sylt - Trip to Crete, Greece - Bronze casting of the relief "Boot in bewegter See" (Boat in a moving sea)


Trip to Krakow, Poland - vacate the studio in the Goerz-Höfe - Creation of a picture magazine in the Askania Höfe in Berlin-Friedenau - Second trip to Crete and to Gavdos, Greece


Six more bronze castings of the relief "Boot in bewegter See" - Trip to Krete and Gavdos, Greece again


Serie of landscape paintings in Bovenau, his birthplace


Second trip to Madeira (sketchbook) - Publication of the biography "Ingo Kühl. Tagebuch eines Malers" ("Diary of a painter") on the occasion of his 70th birthday - Trip to Paris and Giverny


Trip to Paris

Ingo Kühl lives in Berlin and Keitum / Sylt